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We have prepared many performances, events, and booth exhibits that
will not only allow you to see the beauty of Japanese culture, but also experience it for yourself.

Onstage Content

Team 8 consists of 12 members of the 48 member AKB48, one of the most famous pop groups in Japan. In their first appearance in the Philippines, they will perform live on stage and also talk with the audience members. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this iconic group in person.

The World’s Greatest Cosplayer

Alodia is a talent based in the Philippines who is active around the globe. The number of registered fans on her Facebook page exceeds 5.4 million! She has featured in various channels in the Japanese media and her future is very bright. She will perform a cosplay show with the up and coming Japanese idol group, Akishibu Project, and conduct a talk show.

Kimono Fashion Show

It has been confirmed that the NHK television drama "Amachan" will be broadcast in the Philippines from October 2015. The program is perfectly suited to the bright national character of the Filipinos, and will promote the traditional wholesome values of Japanese.This time, a live show will be conduct by the Filipino girl quintet unit "Kawaii5" as its appeal event.

Japanese Drum Performance

Drums have a long history in Japan, and it is said they were used from the Jomon period to convey messages. To introduce this ancient, traditional Japanese instrument, a drumming group from Japan, “Tokoro Taiko”, will perform on stage. We will deliver the compelling sound of the taiko to the people of the Philippines.

Event Content
Drawing Aquarium

teamLab created this truly unique experience for children to expand their creativity. Children color in pieces of paper, making their own designs of fish, that are then scanned. The fish swim out into a giant aquarium display alongside with the fish drawn by other children. Similar shaped fish swim in schools, and when you approach the aquarium, it is possible to ’feed’ them.

The Team Lab Camera

At teamLab Camera, a camera detects the presence of the visitors standing in front of it. It will then take a photo and automatically alter the image.

NHK Television Drama

“Washoku” is registered on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. As the flagbearer, "sushi" is tremendously popular in the Philippines. A sushi chef from Japan will conduct workshops on how to make sushi.


Street food stalls like those seen in Japanese local festivals will be recreated in the Philippines. We’ll show off the best of Japan, with Japanese foods like okonomiyaki and takoyaki as well as sweets like cotton candy.

It will commence in the Philippines, the anglophone country positioned in the centre of Asia, then spread through the rest of the world.


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Makeup Classroom

A makeup experience with makeup artists.
Samples of Kawaii Concept products.

Makeup Classroom

The sales of Hello Kitty or Sanrio character merchandise.
Commemorative photo taking and costumed characters.

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